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Padiham Women only Fitness Centre attracts 100 members in just 2 weeks of Opening.

Press release May 23, 2011 Health

New Padiham Fitness Centre has signed up one hundred members within two weeks of opening it's doors. The new Fitness Centre is a new revolution in toning tables.

Padiham Toning Tables

After seeing the incredible results from a Toning Centre Julie Strudwick managed, she took the brave steps to open up her own Women Only Fitness Centre in Padiham.  On the 1st May 2011 Julie opened up the doors of the Fitness Centre not knowing if it was going to be a success or a failure, within two weeks of opening the word had spread and Julie had signed up over 100 members on a yearly subscription. 

The Feel Good Centre is based in Padiham's refurbished 'old Grove Pub', holding an array of Toning tables that work every part of your body to gain inch loss, Julie says "I chose Padiham as it is my hometown, I researched the population within a 10 mile radius and decided that it was sufficient for my target of 250 members".  The Grove Pub is an ideal location with ample parking and well known within the Padiham and surrounding communities. 

Julie says her success was all down to marketing "We had 20,000 leaflets created offeriing one 30 minute free trial and sent them out via a marketing company, the response has been fantastic and far exceeded our expectations"  members have also been key to spreading the word says Julie "At first when people walked into the centre and saw the toning tables they were very sceptical, however once tried they soon realised that toning tables have evolved and they could feel the benefits after just one 30 minute workout.  This then lead them to tell others and we had people flocking in for their free trial, signing up immediately after they had tried and tested the toning tables"

Julie also gives a health assesment whereby blood pressure is checked, BMI and body measurements are taken so that the clients can measure their results from using the Toning Tables. 

When you visit the Feel Good Centre, you can feel the passion that Julie has put in to creating an environment that is friendly and gives you a one on one personal service. "I wanted create a friendly, welcoming atmosphere so women felt like they were part of a community for Padiham Women to get fit without the pressure of their age or weight".  As you look around, Julie has succeeded in doing just that; as you look around the toning tables, the clientelle are of all ages and sizes.  Speaking with one woman who had just turned 65, said "When you get to my age being slightly overweight, you feel a bit stupid going to a gym or exercise class" she went on to say  "So when I heard about the Feel Good Centre and the ages it was attracting I couldn't wait to try out my free trial, I now come every day and It has given me the motivation to get fit again"

Julie has roped in some of her family to help out in the centre, sending them on special courses so that they can offer the expertise advice that Julie has gained over her years.  "My family and I are very passionate about what we do and we are on a mission to get Padiham on the map for having the healthiest women in Lancashire"

For more information about joining the Feel Good Centre or getting your free trial contact Julie or one of her family on 0845 8350159 or just pop in to have a look!