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Over 50% would smoke until death

Press release March 5, 2008 Health

In a shocking poll of visitors to over 50% of respondents said that given 12 months to live they would continue to smoke until they died.

The poll, which specified that the terminal illness would be smoking-related cancer, was answered by visitors to the website between January and February of this year.

Commenting on the results website owner Simon Driscoll said "To a degree I can see their point. If I was given 12 months to live I'd like to spend it doing something I loved. However you would hope, in reality, that those with a terminal illness would be a bit more altruistic and would think of others first. Passive smoking kills thousands - I would hope a dying person's wish would not harm others."

Smoking causes 29% of all cancer deaths in the UK. 90% of lung cancer in men and 86% in women are caused by smoking.

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