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Option Range Increase Weekend and Monthly Binary Options

Press release January 10, 2012 Business

Option Range adds new weekly and monthly binary options to keep them ahead of the competition.

In order to maintain their reputation as the leading binary options trading platform, Option Range has decided to increase the available weekend and monthly binary assets, so their investors can trade even when the stock markets are closed. This new move, is yet another indicator that demonstrates why so many investors are flocking to Option Range.

The new assets that will now become available over the weekend and for long term trading include commodities trading, indices and stocks, which means that Option Range caters to a diverse crowd of investors, as their primary aim is to keep everyone happy. The new additions are the S&P Future and the commodities of Gold and Crude, both available during the weekend and as monthly options, while the stock options of Google and Apple, are available as monthly, but not as weekend options. Additionally, all the forex pairs are available in both terms, with the exception of the New Zealand one.

Option Range has gained a very loyal following of investors ever since their launch back in November 2011 and that can be attributed to a couple of very interesting reasons. All new investors who register an account at Option Range, can benefit from a demo account so in case they have never traded binary options over the internet before, they can learn how to do so in the space of a couple of hours. Each account is credited with £500 in virtual money, so they can get the hang of it, before they use their own money. Moreover, investors are only asked to deposit a minimum of £50 at a time, unlike other binary option brands that have a minimum deposit of £200.

Finally, investors at Option Range, can begin binary options trading with minimal risk, as they can trade from as little as £10 per option. Taken into account that both profits and potential losses are predetermined at the time of purchasing an option,  investors at Option Range can make an informed decision when they trade binary options.