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Online Roofing Merchant Sees The Bigger Picture With New Window Displays

Press release March 7, 2013 Construction

Roofing Superstore On Its Mission To Supply Only The Very Best At The Most Competitive Prices

With over 15,000 roofing products ready to supply to the construction industry and DIY home-builder, Roofing Superstore are always on the look-out for the latest innovations and eye-catching designs for their customers.

From roofing felt to pitched roof windows, the online supplier has it all covered and more with the stated mission “to provide an uncompromising level of service by means of economic solutions.”

This was borne from the frustration with spiralling operating costs within the traditional route to market which prompted the directors of the firm to utilise an e-commerce approach as a platform to spring- board the roofing industry into the 21st Century.

“The internet is now a trusted method for purchasing a wide range of products from your weekly food shop to household appliances,” Adrian of Roofing Superstore explains. “We felt that the roofing sector had been largely neglected so decided to offer a full range of products available to purchase at the click of a mouse. From the DIY repair person, through Self-Builders, Building and Roofing Contractors to the smaller Independent Merchants all can benefit from this service.”

Hence the launch of its new range of pitched roof windows such as:

Stained Glass

“All types of roof windows can be fitted with non-standard glazing units such as stained glass,” says Adrian.“This gives windows an individual and permanent pattern matching the distinct character of the room.”


A roof window with stained glass makes the interior look exceptional, adding originality to any loft design.

FDY - V U3/CA Duet proSky Window 78cm x 186cm High Pivot Pine Finish

“This duet window is an exceptional design. It’s made of vacuum impregnated pine wood double-coated with acrylic lacquer. Has anelegant handle placed in the lower part of the sash to provide ease of operation and two-step micro-opening facility.Can be installed in the roofs with pitches between 25º and 65º along with flashing and is complemented with a wide variety of additional accessories.  It also comes with a 10-year warranty.”


Two sashes are placed in one frame of the FDY-V U3 window.

The upper sash is opened like a pivot window but its axis of rotation is situated above the centre of the window, thanks to which it is easily accessibly even for tall users. The lower sash equipped with laminated (safety) glass is non-opening.

The only roof window on the market which after installation in roofs with pitches 30º – 43º satisfies the conditions of DIN 5034-1* standard according to which the lower edge of the window should be situated 95cm and the upper one minimum 220cm above the floor level.

The FDY-V U3 window eliminates the need for vertical combinations, hence offering larger glazing area.

The upper window is operated by means of a handle situated in the lower part of the sash which provides a two-step micro-opening facility. The window is equipped with an automatic air inlet V40P which supplies the optimum amount of air into the room.

The sash can be rotated through 160º and blocked for washing with the use of a bolt. This window is also available as a conservation window.

FGH - V/01 Fakro Balcony Window 78cm x 255cm Pine Finish

“The two-sash window, in which the upper sash is opened seamlessly over a 45-degree range in a top hung way and the lower sash slides out with side barriers, is a lovely take on the balcony window style,” says Adrian.“Opened sashes create a balcony in the loft. The large size of the balcony window ensures great illumination of the interior. The window is equipped with an automatic air inlet V40P, ensuring the optimal amount of fresh air in the room.”


Large opening angle of the upper sash and sliding out lower sash enables free access to the balcony edge. When the window is closed the barriers hide in the frame and do not protrude from the roof surface. They are concealed under window cladding elements; therefore they do not collect any dirt and do not spoil the appearance of the roof.

“It really is a beautiful feature and looks absolutely fantastic in situ.”

Roofing Superstore is the UK's largest online roofing merchant, with over 15,000 roofing products, such as Ubiflex and Ubbink,Velux and Fakrosupplying all major roofing brands for trade, roofing contractors and DIY roofers.

About Roofing Superstore:

The range of Roofing Superstore products includes Natural Slates from SSQ; man-made slates from CembritBlunn; GRC Ridges from Roofing Products; breather membranes from Web Dynamics, Klober, Proctor, Ariel Plastics and Dupont; mulitifoils by Web Dynamics, Yorkshire Building Services.

They also offer Fixsafe from Filon Products and a full range of bituminous, polycarbonate and PVC roof sheeting from Ariel Plastics. Metal roofing systems are also represented by Decra, and United Roofing Products.

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29th March & 1st April 2013

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