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Online Bingo Boom Sees Rise In ‘Clicker Insurance’

Press release April 12, 2010 Lifestyle

There has been a sharp rise in the number of people insuring themselves against injuries caused by playing too much online bingo.

Last year in the UK over 50 people took out personal insurance cover on their bingo clicker - the finger they use to click the mouse when playing online, with another 20 insuring against wrist and forearm damage.

Over 500,000 Brits regularly play bingo online with a small proportion joining A-list stars such as J-Lo, Rhianna and David Beckham in insuring their prize assets, although the figures involved are expected to be significantly smaller.

Football legend Beckham’s legs are reported to be insured for a whopping £40m, J-Lo is rumoured to be covered for £18m should anything happen to her shapely derriere, and pop starlet Rhianna has a £600,000 policy to protect her perfect pins.

Rob Hutchison, who runs online bingo comparison website, which has over 200,000 members, says whilst he’s glad people are winning lots of money online, taking out insurance is excessive.

Mr Hutchison said: “We’ve all heard of office workers getting injuries from using a mouse too much, but insuring your bingo clicker is taking things a bit far.

“I understand people are keen to play as much online bingo as possible, particularly as they’re able to enjoy greater bonuses and cash prizes than can be found down the local hall. But if it’s getting to the point where they’re damaging their bodies they need to cut down a bit.

“One of the biggest advantages of online bingo is the opportunity for people to play when and where they want, with unlimited access to the world’s biggest and best games. However, having the chance to play every hour of the day doesn’t mean that you should.”

Sandra, a bingo fanatic from Bolton, said she decided to get her bingo clicker insured after her first jackpot win.

She said: “I started playing bingo online about a year ago and within a couple of months I had my first big win. The feeling was great but the money was even better.

“I decided that I wanted to ensure I could keep playing for big cash prizes online and as the only part of my body I moved was my clicking finger, I decided to take out extra cover in case I injured it.

“Some of my friends think I’m a bit of a drama queen but I’d much rather be safe than sorry. I’ve had loads of fun playing online and I’d hate an injury to my bingo clicker reducing my ability to compete for big cash prizes.”

Mr Hutchison believes he has come up with a much simpler and cheaper solution to the problem.

He grinned: “If you feel some pain in your clicking finger then why not just change hands for a bit?”



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