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One Third Of Women Would Dump Partners

Press release October 28, 2009 Health

Almost two thirds of British women think they would be luckier in love if they lost weight, a new survey has revealed.

And one third of women admit they would DUMP their partners and find someone more attractive if they were slimmer.

Celebrities such as George Clooney, Brad Pitt and all four members of Take That were all named by women as being men they would happily ditch their partners and run away with.

Yet former pop favourite Robbie Williams fared less well in the poll with less than one per cent of respondents naming him as someone they would be prepared to dump their husband or boyfriend for.

The poll of women aged 18 to 50 was carried out on behalf of weight loss product Proactol and full results are due to be published on the company’s website

The poll revealed that a shocking 65% of women believe they would be luckier in love if they were slimmer.

And 33% of the women questioned said they would happily dump their husband or boyfriend if they did posses their dream bodies – and run off with someone more attractive.

When asked who they would choose to run away with the women named celebrities from film, TV and music with Robert Patterson, star of the Twilight movies, featuring in the wish list of the younger ladies while actors George Clooney and Brad Pit were most popular with those over 25.

Man band Take That enjoyed popularity with every age group and all four members were named as a dream man worthy of ditching a partner for. Yet the band’s former member Robbie Williams was named by only one respondent – possibly a sign of his fading popularity.

Proactol product manager Katie Downing-Howitt said: “We all know women who complain about their weight and try to diet and our survey shows this is completely normal with a majority of women feeling this way at any time.

“Very close to two thirds of those we surveyed feel they are over weight and almost one fifth feel they are very overweight.

“I was more surprised by how many women admitted they would leave their partners for someone more attractive if they did manage to lose their excess weight. The survey shows that almost one third of women are only with their partners because they feel they couldn’t do any better.

“But if they could lose weight women clearly feel they would be more confident and more attractive – so look out lads.

"Our product Proactol is an organic fat binder which helps dieters to reduce their calorie intake. With more and more women finding it is possible to reach their target weight with the help of Proactol, men could increasingly find themselves back on the shelf in the months and years ahead.”

She added that Proactol were seeking case studies of couples who had fallen out of love after weightloss. If you dumped your partner after losing weight please contact the Proactol team through their website


Based on a sample of 200 women.


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