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One Third of Women Would Copy Corrie’s Molly’s ‘Thinfidelity’

Press release November 20, 2009 Health

One third of women admit they would CHEAT on their current partners if they were thinner…just like Coronation Street’s cheating Molly Dobbs. A new survey found that many women would shed their significant other along with the excess pounds, and start looking elsewhere.

Their ‘thinfidelity’ confession mirrors the Coronation Street plot line where newly svelte shop worker Molly is playing away from chubby hubby Tyrone with her running partner, Kevin Webster. The pair grew close after training for a fun run together and the relationship could spell the end of both of their marriages.

Actress Vicky Binns, who plays Molly, lost two and half stone earlier this year, shrinking from a size 12 to a teeny size 4. The 27-year-old has since released an exercise DVD.

Another facet of ‘thinfidelity’ is women who fall for their personal trainers. Madonna, Vanessa Feltz and Heather Mills have all been linked or involved with the men who helped them get in shape.

The poll, carried out by organic fat-binder Proactol, revealed that an incredible 65% of women believe they would be ‘luckier in love’ at their ideal weight. And 33% of those questioned said they would split up with their husband or boyfriend, or play away, if they had the confidence that would come with achieving their dream figure. The women feel that at their ideal weight, their other halves would be ‘punching above their weight’ and no longer suitable.

The most popular choices for post-flab fantasy dates are Twilight star Robert Pattinson, Brad Pitt, George Clooney and Take That.

Katie Downing-Howitt, product manager at Proactol, said: “We were quite shocked to discover just how many women feel they could do better than their current partners and would look for something better than their couch potato, slobbish other halves, if they shaped up. The message for men like Tyrone, whose wife has gone on a fitness drive and is looking amazing, is be on your guard – or you may discover you also have to shape up, or ship out! 

“In all seriousness, eating healthily and having a positive body image is important for everyone, male or female. We’re delighted that Proactol can help as part of a balanced diet and, as it absorbs up to 28% of the fat in anything you eat, it allows a slimmer to consume a few more treats with less guilt.”

So conversely, Proactol’s findings and Molly and Kevin’s illicit fling could be good news for couples who work out together – high profile examples include Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes, and Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal 

The poll of women aged 18 to 50 was carried out on behalf of weight loss product Proactol and full results are published on the company’s website



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