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One small step for a man, one giant leap for social networking

Press release June 9, 2009 PR

C3-11 send messages to the space

One man has launched a new social networking website with a difference. Alongside the usual blogs, forums and photo galleries, allows you to partake in cosmically huge events including sending messages to Space and creating a new Earth.

The brainchild of Simon Balcewicz, this website provides all the normal networking functions of sites such as Facebook , Bebo and MySpace but with one big difference: your messages can reach the entire universe.

 One of the most innovative aspects of the website is the planned rocket launch. Working with Masten Space Systems, California, the plan is for the best messages submitted by the site's users to be on board the rocket when it is launched on 11.11.2011. 

 The website is as ambitious as it is distinctive. Users are encouraged to share ideas and visions about the world. What would you change about this Earth? Users can join in and make a difference, no matter where they are located.

Website creator Simon explained: "The idea for C3-11 is to allow people around the world to unite with a core purpose of making a difference. The site's users can send messages to Space, submit items for the time capsule, take part in history's biggest Signal Event, and more. Plus, soon we will be introducing a new section to the site, dedicated to defeating the credit crunch."

 "The site is made for people and we are responsive to all feedback - the site will evolve according to users' requests. This is the main reason for the credit crunch section, coming soon," Simon added.

 To get onboard with the new social networking site, visit and make a difference today for our future tomorrow.

Notes to Editor and its sister website are the creation of Simon Balcewicz. He came up with the ideas for the websites in 2004 after coming to the UK from Poland.

The main reason behind C3-11 is to allow people to make a real difference - it is more than a social networking site as users can chat, blog, use the forum etc but they can also take part in big events. Events include the Signal Event (intended to unite millions of people around the world by sending the same signal at the same time) and the time capsule burial.

People can choose to advertise on the twin website through buying a "room" on the rocket, both the website one and a real logo on the real rocket. Depending on the type of room bought, businesses also get a "room" on for promoting their products or services. People can choose just to use C3-11 which is free, and are under no obligation to buy advertising space.

For more details on either sites, please visit or, or contact Simon Balcewicz on [email protected] or on 07840 187 679.