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Old Easter tradition enters 21st century on the iPhone

Press release April 1, 2010 Lifestyle

1337bit Ltd. (pronounced Elite Bit) has created a new exciting iPhone game that is based around the old Easter family tradition of egg tapping around the Easter breakfast table.

Happy Easter

The old Easter tradition of Egg tapping for Easter breakfast involves family members sitting around the Easter breakfast table tapping painted hard boiled  Easter eggs into each other.  Each player holds an egg firmly in one's hand and the egg then taps/knocks another player's egg on the tip of each egg.  The shell of one of the eggs breaks. The other egg usually stays intact and  the player with the intact egg is the winner. The egg with the broken shell, the losing egg, is then eaten. The old custom is commonly played today around  breakfast tables of Germany, Austria, Hungary, Slovenia and Croatia.

The iPhone version, named 'Eggs Eggs Eggs', uses iPhones motion sensor technology to record the strength of the 'egg tapping'. The player with the stronger 'tap' wins.  There are 70 differently 'painted' Easter eggs to choose from. If you lose all of your egg stash (by losing in the egg tapping games), you can purchase new eggs in  the EggStore. The Eggs app is available from the AppStore retailing for 99 cents in the US. Similar pricing exists worldwide.

You can play with 1 or 2 iPhones in the same room or remotely with 2 players that are
connecting over the Internet. EggsEggsEggs also runs on the latest Apple iPod Touch devices.
You can also play in single player 'skill' mode, where you can practice egg tapping and
post results to the hall of fame.

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