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Not your usual business energy telesales staff

Press release February 22, 2012 Energy & Environment

We are a business energy broker, expanding our services (gas and electricity) to include telecommunications services. We are looking for new blood to help us forge on, building on our established success.

Utility Renewals, the leading UK business energy broker, continues to grow and prosper.

Despite the current state of the economy they have announced that they are taking on new experiencedtelesales staff. The new personnel are essential as the business continues to expand.

Telesales Jobs at Utility RenewalsThe relationship between the customer and the energy broker staff at Utility Renewals is at the centre of their success. An excellent bond is forged between their highly trained, friendly staff and their clients.

With the world of business energy prices being a complex one, what many businesses want, big or small, is to talk to someone who will understand their needs and find them a better deal.

So the first thing any decent energy brokerwill do is to get to know the business they are dealing with. Once they have found out about that business and its energy needs they can then get down to saving it money.

Their clients like the fact that Utility Renewals is an independent company. They know that the advice they are getting is not tainted by a desire to push their business towards a particular supplier.

It also impresses customers to know that the people in charge have been involved in the energy broker industry since deregulation. They know this industry inside out and they have the knowledge and expertise to help any enterprise reduce its rampant energy bills.

Mainly though it is the hassle free approach of the business energy brokers that make Utility Renewals such an excellent company to deal with. They will go that extra mile to get a better deal and save a company more money.

Every company is only as good as the staff it employs which is why they make sure that it's new telesales staff will fulfil the high standards of its current employees so it can continue to flourish.

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