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No Chalk Needed

Press release April 27, 2012 IT

Swap your old, boring blackboard for a smart, new interactive whiteboard.

Picture the scene….you’ve got a very important client coming to hear a presentation. They arrive and you think you have everything prepared and are all set to impress. You greet them with a friendly smile and show them into your conference room. Everything, so far is going well. Everyone is seated and you are ready to begin. You move over to the black board, only to find there is no chalk, you rummage around for a few minutes searching and have to call your assistant to find you some; any piece will do. You’re guests are now becoming impatient. Finally some chalk is located and you can begin your presentation; flustered and nervous. The presentation goes ok, not much visual content but you managed to write important points on the board. Your hands are covered in chalk, your clothes are covered in chalk, and you’re worn out. Your clients leave fairly unimpressed.

Using an interactive whiteboard would have made this situation a much less stressful one. Interactive whiteboards dramatically enhance a presentation and can make your life so much easier. An interactive whiteboard is one of the newest in business and classroom technology. You simply connect the whiteboard and projector to your computer or laptop using the correct cable.  From here the image that is on your computer screen will now be projected on to the whiteboard for everyone in the room to see. The difference between just an ordinary projector screen is that the interactive whiteboard has a touch screen which allows you to control all aspects of your presentation whilst at the whiteboard; You can touch the screen to move forward a presentation, make annotations, highlight text and much more, just as you would with a mouse.  This makes the process much more exciting and business conferences less boring and time consuming for employees. 

What is even greater about an interactive whiteboard is that everything can be done using just your fingertips! No need for chalk or pens, just bring a laptop or USB stick with your presentation loaded onto it and you are good to go. There are also accessories available to enhance your whiteboard further such as coloured pens and a remote control, so you can walk around the room and still be able to change slides on your presentation. Using an interactive whiteboard will ensure that presentations run smoother and with much less stress.