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"Nihilum" By BW RECKNAGEL Is Now Available On Sheet Music As Free Giveaway

Press release September 2, 2009 Music

BW RECKNAGEL's Classical Debut Album "Nihilum" is now available on sheet music as a free giveaway with each purchase of the Album available as download on

"Nihilum", the mesmerizing Debut Album of 10 classical piano compositions by London based, German composer BW RECKNAGEL, has been launched via and since enjoyed growing popularity amongst classical music lovers and pianists all over the world. Since there is a rising demand for the sheet music of the Album, customers will now receive the piano scores of all 10 pieces together with the download purchase of the Album on the website.

The pieces appeal to advanced piano players as well as professionals with a very appealing feel, strong melodies and rich harmonic structure. Originally performed by Russian Pianist Xenia Russo, all pieces are more likely a description of mood and rather than being technically demanding, BW RECKNAGEL's work calls for a more intimate and personal context with a meditative approach.

With the romantic style of classical music still being one of the most popular, BW RECKNAGEL's piano compositions, a sublime mix between Minimal Impressionism and Romanticism, are already reaching an audience which goes well beyond the strictly classical scene. Unlike other contemporary composers, BW RECKNAGEL has no accademical background in classical music but an interesting history which spans from a classical upbringing to a very active life in the music world and music industry in London since 1992.

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