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New Website Launch for Tracesmart Corporate

Press release April 22, 2008 Business

Tracesmart Corporate, a leading provider of people tracing, identity checking, data cleansing and B2C marketing data services have launched a new web site.

Following months of intensive research, development and testing, Tracesmart Corporate have proudly announced the launch of their new, enhanced website. Adopting a user-centric philosophy, has been designed to enhance the end -users experience, educate and inform visitors on the Tracesmart Corporate services that include facilites to trace people.The web site will also provide relevant industry news on the latest hot topics - the site went live on Friday 18th April at 13:00hrs.

"My team has poured extensive time and energies into this project to ensure that our users can extract the information they need quickly and simply. A key part of the usability is the internal navigation; intuitive menu layout, a breadcrumb trail and link rich copy combine to make sure that wherever a client is on the site, for example the visitor could be on the page detailing the data cleansing, and if they wish, they will easily be able to navigate to any other given location such as the identity checks page." comments Technical Director, Paul Weathersby. "One of the primary purposes of this new site is to provide a central point for our clients and visitors to glean information relevant to their particular needs. This is why that in addition to all of the technical input our IT specialists have had, our research and marketing teams have spent a considerable amount of time sourcing and collating an assortment of information to provide in-depth industry knowledge, as well as easily digestible facts on our own key products and services."

Continuing on the theme of usability, Tracesmart Corporate have incorporated a colour coding system into the site which highlights their key services, this, in turn, enables users to easily identify which section they are in at any given time. The core services are coloured thusly: TRACE - red, CLEANSE - Blue, DATA - green and ID - purple, with all information relating to specific industries such as asset reunification depicted in silver. They have also taken the time to ensure that site production adhered to all web development best practice standards, in order to guarantee their new site is of the highest quality.

The launch of the new site also provided a chance to firmly cement the recent changes to the Tracesmart Corporate brand, as Adam Smith, Marketing Manager notes; "Whilst usability and functionality have been key drivers behind the development of the new version of Tracesmart Corporate, it has also been an opportunity to re-focus and re-define our Corporate division and brand. The site aesthetics and clear classification of services reflect the fundamentals of Tracesmart Corporate - clear, precise and functional. When potential clients visit the site for the first time they will be able to gain a clear understanding of who we are and what we do, and for returning clients we hope it echoes what they already know."

About Tracesmart Corporate:

Tracesmart Corporate are leading providers of consumer tracing, data cleansing, electronic identity verification and B2C marketing data.
Tracesmart Corporate is the commercial division of Tracesmart Ltd.

Paul Weathersby is an industry leading IT specialist who, in his role as Technical Director, oversees the planning and development of Tracesmart Limited's extensive web systems.

During his 3 years with Tracesmart, Adam Smith has worked throughout the whole marketing spectrum from traditional above the line advertising through to cutting edge web marketing. As Marketing Manager he is also responsible for ensuring Tracesmart is well attuned with their core markets.