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Press release November 2, 2009 Education is a new online site for students focused on making student life easier. It has launched a new student discount card offering up to 20% discounts on major brands that students buy. It also helps them to find part-time work so they can earn while they learn and to find permanent graduate jobs.

In these recessionary times, students in need of ways to make their money go further and find work to boost their income can get help through a new national and aptly-named student-focused discount website –

Aimed at making student life easier, the website offers exclusive online discounts of up to 20% on major retail, leisure and entertainment brands popular with students that can help them save up to £700 per year. It also lists part-time and seasonal jobs, as well as permanent graduate positions, throughout the UK.  

With youth unemployment rising and around one in five 16 to 24 year-olds now out of work, Andrew Billingham, founder of the fastest-growing student brand in the UK, says there is just not enough support to help students, who are struggling financially enough as it is.

“Students need two things; discounts when spending money and help getting the right job. That’s why I launched the website as a new and independent choice,” says Andrew, a Brunel University graduate who took inspiration from his own skint student days to launch the site earlier this year.

Students can register for free at and take advantage of online discounts. Or for a small one-off membership fee, they can register as Premium members and access further savings with a student discount card.

“In the current economic climate, students are facing the toughest jobs market in more than a decade, so they do need all the help they can get. Scores of young people are finding work through the website and numbers are rising as SIN membership increases. Student debt worries are increasing and that’s why SIN is particularly relevant now with recent surveys suggesting that new students starting university this autumn can expect to graduate owing £23,000,” says Andrew.

He adds: “Many parents too are stretching their resources to support their children at college or university. It’s important to remember that students make up a significant number of today’s consumers and still need to spend on things they need. SIN discounts help them to ‘pocket the difference’, which in turn helps to reduce the financial burden on the ‘Bank of Mum and Dad’.”

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