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New website destroys gadgets to see how much abuse they can take.

Press release April 1, 2008 Electronics - Stress test electronics and gadgets.


Leamington, UK -- April 1, 2008 -- Broken Review is probably the best way to describe what happens on a new  independent review website, When you click onto the site the first thing you see is a banner which shows a smashed phone and laptop, but even this can't prepare you for the reviews. The creators put gadgets - anything from game consoles to laptops, through grueling stress tests, starting with scratch tests and small drops, and gradually turning into, gadgets having tea spilt all over them, being ran over, thrown against walls, whatever it takes to destroy them.

On their about page they state "We guarantee to destroy every product we can get our hands on and upload video of the moment it breaks" and they hold true to their word, so far testing a Sony PSP and Nintendo DS Lite, with future tests of an iPod touch, game consoles and laptops promised. The idea for the website, set up by two teenagers, came after witnessing an accident-prone family member go through thousands of pounds worth of phones and cameras. The duo get their hands on expensive and popular electronics, either direct from the manufacturer or through sponsors and put them through grueling tests to determine how strong the product is and how much abuse it can take.

Unlike other review websites, you wont find any information on the product other than how strong it is and what kind of abuse it can take. All of their tests are all caught on video, accompanied by photos of the product taken after each test, a write up and finally advise to the consumer and a mark out of 100.

When asked if they think their website could replace other review sites Broken Review said "We think broken review provides something other reviews are missing and something people are interested to hear about, but we aren't trying to compete with other review websites, our website should be used together with others to get a fuller picture of how a product will work for you and what accessories, if any, you need to buy to protect it."

Broken review received 30,000 video views within days of uploading their first review on the Nintendo DS Lite. Since then they have appeared on many technology websites and blogs and as the discussion topic of many forums. They recently released their PSP video review and have had upwards of 25,000 hits in the past 12 hours. The website was launched on the 13th of March 2008.