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New tool revolutionises proofreading of graphics material

Press release January 27, 2010 IT

WeAllEdit offers an entirely new method of managing proofreading, versioning and approval procedures when developing graphics material.


The most common method of proofreading documents today is in the form of yellow notes in PDF files, where the proofreader, coordinator and graphics designer all have to be involved in every change to the text. WeAllEdit enables the proofreader to revise the text alone and finalise the document for approval. The revolutionary aspect is that the graphics designer is no longer involved in the proofreading process, as the proofreader himself can introduce the changes to the text. No more multiple proofreading rounds, coordination via e-mail and inadequate versioning control.

As the work is done online using a shared database, all proofreaders can at all times see the latest text and its entire history. This gives a unique overview and ensures a fast, smooth proofreading process – regardless of the number of proofreaders.

WeAllEdit is also an excellent translation tool. A link is sent to the translator, who can then work directly in the system. Because the proofreader can see immediately how the text will appear, multiple proofreading rounds to correct division of words, too long headings and paragraphs etc. are no longer necessary.

Advertising agencies which can offer WeAllEdit to their customers will in future gain a vital competitive advantage. First, a lot of time can be saved internally because the graphics designer and project manager can concentrate on the graphics changes, and second the customer benefits from far more efficient management of each individual project, which ultimately results in greater satisfaction all round.

WeAllEdit is an extremely user-friendly system which requires no special introduction. The whole idea is that new proofreaders can quickly become involved with no prior training. In other words, it is incredibly easy to get started on improving your work processes.

Experience shows that everyone can save time and money by optimising their work procedures, regardless of whether you work on the InDesign document internally or collaborate with an external agency. At the same time, you gain an overview and systemisation that significantly eases the work processes for everyone involved.

WeAllEdit supports Adobe InDesign CS2/CS3/CS4 and Adobe PDF format. 

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WeAllEdit offers the following advantages:

  • Proofreaders introduce their own text changes directly into the document
  • Proofreaders can create their own PDF files for own final approval
  • Several proofreaders/editors can work simultaneously on the same document
  • The coordinator’s involvement is significantly reduced
  • The graphics designer is far less involved
  • The graphics designer is only involved in changes to the graphics and a final check of the text setup.
  • The complete history is documented