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New Software Significantly Simplifies Cylinder Orders

Press release February 10, 2017

Free, easy-to-use web based software – the Cylinder Consultant created by international manufacturing company LJM Lind Jensen – helps British industries design and craft 3D illustrations of desired cylinders.

As a manufacturer, finding and designing supply can be a complicated and time-consuming process. Often finding the exact product that you are searching for can be nearly impossible. In an effort to combat this, the international manufacturing company LJM has created an online tool that makes the design of cylinders an easier process. LJM’s Technical Sales Agent in the UK, Anne Dorthe Pedersen, believes that the so-called Cylinder Consultant will help the daily life of designers and engineers.

LJM’s Cylinder Consultant makes the design phase more efficient. By means of a few clicks on the webpage, the designers can enter their choice of mountings and seals. The webpage confirms maximum loads to avoid buckling or overpressure of any unit. Very shortly afterwards you can easily download a 3D file which shows the desired cylinder. The file can then be transferred to the users’ design projects, Anne Dorthe Pedersen explains.

A helping hand

For ANTECH Hydraulics Ltd, which offers hydraulic components, the Cylinder Consultant works as a helping hand when they meet with new customers. Recently, ANTECH Hydraulics was contacted by a potential customer to discuss a spring operated hose reel. When the customer asked about the cylinders, ANTECH Hydraulics was quickly able to show fully detailed examples.

After only ten minutes with the Cylinder Consultant, the client was able to download an AutoCAD file for the design engineer to use. This process was repeated for the three different cylinder types that were required for the application,elaborates Andrew Newell, Managing Director at ANTECH Hydraulics.

The potential client was impressed. As a clear result of being able to obtain 3D pictures of the cylinders within minutes and being able to import the CAD files into the potential client’s design drawings, an order was placed for four sets of cylinders. The order consisted of LJM NH30 cylinders at a total price of around £ 80,000.

The fact that the Cylinder Consultant quickly provides us with technical data and illustrations makes the design stage of a machine noticeably faster,Andrew Newell adds

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