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New Scotland-wide events website launched

Press release July 1, 2010 Tourism

Helping people make the most of their time in Scotland and the most of what Scotland has to offer.

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Recently-launched brings together a wide range of Scottish events and attractions into a one, simple-to-use website. It has been created by a couple based in Easter Ross who want to make it easier for anyone visiting and living in Scotland to find out just how much there is to do and see across the entire country.

Company MD, Robert Punter, explains what makes the website different: "We aren't here to tell people the best places to eat, sleep, drink and party, or to let them know what's on at the cinema - there are plenty of other sites that do a great job at that. Nor do we concentrate on a particular city or region. Catering for a broad range of interests and age groups, and covering the whole of Scotland, our website focuses on events and attractions. The search facility on the website is all-important. Simple and easy to use, it allows people to quickly and easily find out what's happening of interest to them, on a particular date, in a particular place, anywhere in the country. It should prove attractive to people living in Scotland and to the millions of visitors who come here every year." 

Business partner, Gaynor Kendrick adds: "After two years of planning and development, our beta site is now live and we have already posted a selection of both permanent attractions and one-off events ourselves. Of course, there are many others we would still like to publicise, and we look forward to more and more people posting information onto the website directly via the 'post your event free' facility. We are working hard to ensure that the site is visible through a wide range of search criteria, so a free listing will put promoters in touch with a far bigger audience." 

Importantly, the website also has a community section. This allows village halls and local event organisers, as well as secretaries of local clubs and societies, to have a professionally produced web presence which they don't have to maintain themselves and which offers a free promotional vehicle for community activities. 

Robert adds: "It's early days, and the beta site has only just gone live, but the reaction we have had so far has been very positive. Long-term we would like the website to become an invaluable tool for both promoting and finding out about the thousands of events and attractions that make  Scotland such a great place to visit and live in."

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