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Press release March 6, 2013 Construction

Ergonomic Ball Transfer Systems

Gigant Products for Industry Ltd are very proud to announce the addition of a brand new product to our range. This week sees the inclusion of a range of conveyor systems that are so unique they are patented in 21 of the top industrialised countries in the world.

With traditional conveyor systems it can often be difficult to manoeuvre items whilst on the conveyor, also holding products in place can be hard work and cause strain to workers.

The new range are known as ball transfer systems and they involve large ball bearings that are pneumatically driven to allow ease of movement of products around the factory floor. They also include positioner pads which hold products securely in place to ensure work can be carried out on them. Once this is finished, simply retract the positioner pads and the pop up balls allow the product to move on efficiently to its next location.
These ergonomic transfers make moving, turning and firmly positioning items easier and less strenuous for the worker.

Virtually any air control device may operate these pop up ball transfers. In the majority of applications simple non electric foot and hand valves may be used. Sensing device operated electric solenoids valves may also be used.

Pop Up Ball Transfers like virtually all pneumatically operated components, require filtered, regulated and lubricated compressed air to operate.

There are also FRL kits, non-detent foot valve kits and detent toggle hand valve kits available. With other controls available on request.