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Press release June 16, 2008

TWS personal training uses Hull as flagship backdrop for outdoor training

Hull, 16th June 2008 - TWS Personal Training today launched their new brand and company that offers personal training with a twist in the Hull area. TWS is an acronym for ‘Train With Steve' named after the founder and Hull local Steve Wileman.

The company is currently unique in that along with the usual home and gym locations they also offer a bespoke ‘outdoor' personal training programme. Steve told us "At TWS we love the outdoors, and if a client wishes, we can easily combine outdoor work with indoor in to their programme based on their training requirements and tastes. I'm a big believer in the city, I was born here, and really feel that Hull has some fantastic open spaces that provide an exhilarating, enjoyable workout experience. I don't believe that there is any one else offering this at the moment and I cannot understand it as clients always have a great experience. For those working in the centre we also offer group or individual ‘City Centre Workout sessions that can be easily taken before, after or during working hours, say on a lunch break."

Steve told us: "I have been training for over 15 years and fitness is my passion, so I am delighted to be able to now launch my own personal training brand. I'm a realist and apply what works with clients, just like I apply it to my own lifestyle - there are no gimmicks or quick fixes, just sound bespoke personal training services to clients who want to change." Steve has developed his own philosophy which is explained on the website, called the TWS training triangle, where the objective is a long term, achievable and rewarding lifestyle, based upon proven training and nutritional principles, not passing fads or gimmicks.

TWS works with individuals who are serious about achieving their health and fitness goals - examples of goals might be losing body fat, gaining muscle, improving fitness and flexibility, improving posture, mobility and also to just becoming more functional in every day life. From businessmen to new mothers right through to the over 50s - all walks of life can seriously benefit from having a professional trainer who is qualified and experienced to enable them to achieve their goals. Steve told us "having a personal trainer is not just the domain of the rich and famous, the cost per week can often be less than a night on the tiles. The key role of a trainer is to apply a bespoke and individual plan to each client - not a one size fits all approach - the bespoke element is where the real value lies for the client, for example if they are attending the gym and feel like they are getting nowhere, just a few sessions can make a monumental improvement to their health and fitness."

TWS trains current clients exclusively out of the Bodyworld gym in Hull, at their homes or office (outside and inside), or outdoors utilising some of Hull's fantastic open spaces and backdrops such as The Deep, Victoria Dock and the Tidal Barrier.

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About TWS Personal Training
TWS personal training is a Hull based company that creates bespoke training, nutritional, and lifestyle programs to ensure clients achieve their individual health and fitness goals. Founded by Steve Wileman, a Certified Personal Trainer with over 15 years training experience, TWS trains clients in their homes, in the gym, or outdoors using inspirational open spaces and backdrops in the Hull area. Visit for more information.