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New Magical Childrens Book Release 'Wizards Spell Magic In The Legends Of Mere Leander'

Press release January 26, 2010 Family

This exciting new magical childrens book encourages kids to read much more, with an enthrawling adventure, they wont put down. Topical, touching on the ever present issues of bullying at school and in the wider world with social issues children encounter

A childrens adventure of fun characters, wrapped in the supernatural with dragons, wizardry, unicorns, ghosts, and the magical excitement of new enchanting realms, magical gemstones, spells, curses, battles and dark magic.  Look out for this exciting new childrens book, inspired by real children and the history, folk lore & castles of Northern England...
Dare you read 'Wizards Spell Magic In The Legends Of Mere Leander'?

Exciting magical childrens adventure book encourages children to read more, with an adventure storey they cant put down.  When four children find the magical dark obsidian gemstone in the grounds of a haunted castle and discover they have magical powers, their adventures are just beginning. Stepping through the magical vortex of the dark gemstone into the enchanted realm of Mere Leander on midnight of Halloween the children befriend forgetful wizards, changeling dragons, unicorns, ghosts and elves helping them find the lost magical spell books and legends of Mere Leander.  Discover wizards duels, dragon jousting, flee the dark phantom and his dragons in search of the last magical entities.   Fly from the enchanted forests, to the ice palace and dark fortress.  Dare you discover if the children can save the dragon lords from their curse and discover the magical entities before the dark wizard Delverasteon, saving enchanted Mere Leander in time ?

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