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New Handmade Jewellery Company Launches Looking For Talented Jewellery Designers

Press release October 6, 2009 Fashion

Bentley Jewellery is a new website selling unique handmade jewellery designs.

Bentley Jewellery’s vision is to support growth in handmade jewellery design. By encouraging individual talent, Bentley Jewellery are pursuing this vision by building a strong network of handmade jewellery designers working to promote and encourage one another in order to thrive both collectively and independently. 

Claire Bentley started Bentley Jewellery to provide a resource for handmade jewellery designers to unite and thrive in today’s conglomerate climate. By inviting jewellery designers to share their talents and ideas, they can celebrate the character and special attention which goes into every piece of handmade jewellery, whilst resisting the reliance on mass-manufactured designs.

“We can keep our individual costs down by working as a cooperative, in an environment that provides the consumer with access to unique pieces of contemporary jewellery, and ultimately building our reputation as collective and individual designers. Any designer who feels they have something to offer should contact us” Claire Bentley, Founder of Bentley Jewellery.