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New Direct Debit Software Launched To Help Improve Business Cash Flow

Press release March 6, 2013 Business

AccessPay Reveals The Many Benefits Of Faster Module Payments

Businesses all over the UK are in total agreement: in these days of austerity it’s crucial for them to do all they can to save money and operate more efficiently. The worldwide financial calamity shook nations all across the planet and took everyone by surprise; so too can catastrophe strike businesses large and small at the drop of a bank statement.

It is a fact of today’s economic climate that no one can escape which is why it makes managing one’s cash flow all the more important. That’s why many businesses are turning to AccessPay.

Headquartered in London, Access Pay was formulated by technology and financial professionals who combined state-of-the-art technological expertise, IT credentials and payments industry experience. With over 30 years of combined experience in developing technology solutions to meet corporate needs, AccessPay is founded and delivered by business experts who understand what it takes to run a successful business.

“We saw what others didn’t,” says Ali Moiyed of AccessPay, “that while payment and cash management tools were increasingly being used, they were also costing more money than they actually should, to maintain. Our answer was to develop technology that makes transaction processing easier and reduces errors, that fully supports BACS payment processes using bank-grade security and cloud technology.”

What AccessPay’s easy-to-use Direct Debit management software does is allow businesses to manage all aspects of their Direct Debit process, and thereby gain greater control over their cash flow and achieve cost savings through automated monthly collections.

With the Direct Debit module businesses can set up, automate and manage Direct Debit collections including paperless Direct Debit transactions and easily create and administer payment lists for customers, subscribers or suppliers.

“AccessPay allows you to effortlessly manage Direct Debit Instruction processes,” says Mr Moiyed,“including submission of payment files to BACS, as well as automatically validating bank account numbers and sort codes; securely manage transaction authorisations and payment approval workflows.”

It also ensures letters, transactions and processes comply with the Direct Debit scheme rules and reconcile BACS reports that advise on unpaid items, amended details and cancelled Direct Debit instructions.

As a cloud-based solution, AccessPay manages and maintains the infrastructure that supports a business’s direct debit service, so they don’t need to invest any time or money installing product updates or configuring hardware.

Choosing to use AccessPay’s direct debit management software makes sense for most businesses, due to the greater control, automation and improved cash flow that this invoice collection method provides.