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New Digital PR Service Promises Quality Links

Press release December 16, 2009 Multimedia

One of the UK’s leading professional PR agencies has launched a brand new digital PR service aimed at providing clients with quality in-bound web links.

The London PR Agency Ltd, based in London’s Soho Square, regularly provides clients with links from some of the world’s most respected news sources including the BBC, Sky and CNN.

The business has traditionally provided a full service public relations consultancy for clients across the UK and overseas. It specialises in UK national media coverage and guarantees results.

Now the agency, which is staffed by a team of qualified and experienced journalists, has entered the digital fray with a new service aimed at providing not only a high quantity of in-bound links for websites, but more importantly, promising the highest quality of links.

The move is expected to be popular with online businesses and web-based retailers aiming to drive their traffic and sales and improve their search engine visibility. The new service will enhance the agency’s reputation for enviable results.

London PR’s Alex Garvey said the new service was a response to requests from several clients to focus on digital PR.

He said: “Digital PR is becoming an increasingly important aspect of business. We have always provided editorial content for our clients in national newspapers, TV, radio and online but in the past year or so we are finding the online coverage is becoming particularly important to clients.

“When we have been able to provide a client with an in-bound link from a site such as CNN or the BBC that has been incredibly valuable for the client from an SEO point of view, delivering a power of good for the client’s Page Rank.

“Traditional media coverage is still very important and clients still like to be able to hang a good page cutting in a frame on the office wall. But online is becoming crucial to all sectors of business and firms increasingly appreciate that.”

The agency, which was founded by a team of national newspaper journalists, will continue to offer print coverage for clients but will also now offer a separate package focusing purely on digital coverage.

Mr Garvey added: “The two often go hand in hand. If a story is good enough it’ll be picked up by news outlets and run across every format, print, digital and broadcast.

“The journalists at The London PR Agency are trained to find the best stories and are experienced in writing them for national media use. We will continue to do that but will our digital service will focus more sharply at online media.”

To find out more about The London PR Agency’s new digital service please visit the website or call the team on 020 7193 0566 or email [email protected]


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