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New Company Puts Fun Back Into Photography

Press release October 22, 2009 Multimedia

Photography enthusiasts can combine their hobby with the thrill of a short experience break thanks to a new company.

Red Cloud Photography Days are holding a series of one, two and five day digital SLR photography courses at centres in London, Nottingham and Newquay.

The courses in London and Nottingham offer an introduction to the digital SLR for those who’ve only ever used their camera to point and shoot while the Newquay courses combine photography skills with surfing to offer a unique package.

The company is also offering specialist courses in wildlife, portrait, wedding, landscape, still life and sports photography.

Matt Bingham, of Red Cloud Days, said: “Digital cameras are amazing and you can get some incredible kit for your money these days. Yet the vast majority of people seem to use them just to point and shoot and never take the settings off auto.

“What we plan to do is teach people a little bit about photography while also making sure they have a great time with their cameras.

“With just a little bit of thought and instruction anyone can radically improve the quality of the pictures they take. Red Cloud is about making sure people do that whilst also having lots of fun and meeting some great new people.”

In Newquay, Red Cloud have teamed up with the English Federation of Surfing to offer two and five day residential courses in surf and photography.

Matt added that Red Cloud hoped some people would take the first step to a new career through their courses.

He said: “We love photography and we want to share that with others. For some that could just be to have more fun with their cameras while for others it could open up a whole new career.”

 Red Cloud courses start at just £115 including lunch and refreshments. For more information please visit call 0115 90768344 or email [email protected]


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