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New Clip Flipz Clip On Sunglasses Range Launched By i*Sunglasses

Press release July 6, 2012 Fashion

i*Sunglasses have once again expanded their hugely popular range of Clip Flipz clip on sunglasses range.

Clip on computer glasses

Product expansion and looking for products that will draw an immediate demand have always been key factors for leading online sunglasses retailer i*Sunglasses.

The Chorley based business have had massive success over the past couple of years with some brave and bold product ranges such as John Lennon style sunglasses, over glasses, retro/ geek sunglasses and of course one of their leading in house brands; Clip Flipz clip on sunglasses.

Not content with leading the way as clip on sunglasses pioneers, i*Sunglasses have announced the launch of three brand new ranges;

All three product ranges have been designed and manufactured with traditional features of Clip Flipz such as a discreet clip, purpose fitted high quality lens materials and of course with style and fashion in mind.

Many people did not believe clip on sunglasses could be seen as trendy or ever make a comeback; how wrong they were!

In summary of all 3 product ranges, the 3D glasses offer a great solution when compared to cheap, cinema style 3D glasses which will often distort picture and viewing quality leavin gthe wearer unable to take in the full 3D effect.

i*Sunglasses computer glasses have been designed to reduce the intensive blue glare of a computer screen, tests have proven that this new range reduces eye strain, headaches and also fatigue caused by excessive time sat staring at a computer screen.

The range of clip on night driving glasses in many ways help in the same way as the clip on computer glasses, they help to reduce glare from street lights and car headlights, reduce fatigue when driving at night and also headaches and eye strain.

As always we would expect more news  from i*Sunglasses in the near future of new product launches and as always we would expect them to launch the type of products that offer both a solution and have a built up demand.

For more information on the full Clip Flipz and clip on sunglasses range please visit