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New Bookkeeping Service Launched To Help London SME’s

Press release March 13, 2013 Business

Running A Tighter Ship Becomes All The More Easier With School Run Bookkeepers

It’s the first rule for anyone starting a business enterprise – you have to run a very tight ship and keep a firm grip on your outgoings.

For those businesses already established and trying to survive through the current economic malaise it has been a real battle and many employers are desperate to make efficiencies on their running costs. That is usually synonymous with cutting staff; however there are other cuts that can be made to help the cash flow in the black.

One of those can be achieved in the area of accounting. Employing accountants full time can be an expensive drain on company resources; usually.

Unless you’re hiring a School Run Bookkeeper that is.It’s the new niche in the business world and it’s fast taking off in the Greater London area.

“School Run Bookkeepers are basically ex-professional women who took a break in their careers to begin families but who have now come back to the working fold and offering their talents as a part-time book keeper,” Milan Joshi of School Run Bookkeepers explains.

For many mums, it can be difficult balancing the responsibility of child care with full time work. It can also be a challenge finding employers that are flexible and understand this work/life balancing act, which is why School Run Bookkeepers was established.

It is the ideal job opportunity for those mums with the relevant bookkeeper skills and experience, but even for those who have no qualifications or experience the door is still open with training available.

It gives them a fantastic foot through the door back into the world of work and the professional interaction they might have missed. For some it could offer a whole new challenge and open the way to a completely new career path.

The bookkeepers of School Run Bookkeepers are fully qualified mums with professional experience and are the perfect low-cost alternative to the usual full time accountant.

“Why?” says Milan.“Because they are bright, highly skilled and experienced at keeping company books; they can do a full day’s work in part-time hours; can be hired on a regular schedule; are highly productive and can offer a host of other skills acquired before they had kids; are proven to be efficient, reliable and affordable; and are motivated, professional and flexible (i.e. are willing to work weekends).”

Professional Mums with school age children want part time bookkeeping jobs that allow them to balance their family life and child care responsibilities with a successful career. Small to medium sized businesses looking to cut costs can now hire reliable but much more affordable bookkeeping services.

“It’s a perfect match!” Milan adds with a big smile.

About School Run Bookkeepers:

School Run Bookkeepers is a London-based agency that matches up SMEs with accountancy professionals from an extensive database of mums with bookkeeper experience looking for flexible, part time work.