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Press release March 18, 2011 Energy & Environment


Barry Grimmett

Veolia Environmental Services operate the 10 hectare Sandy Lane landfill site near Bromsgrove in the West Midlands. Environmental management and safety are absolute priorities and the site has won many safety awards over the years, something that Site Manager Rob Pooler is justifiably proud of. 

A new Bomag BC 972 RB-2 landfill compactor was delivered to the site in December 2010 replacing an older competitive machine. Machine operator Barry Grimmett was due to retire at the end of last year but has stayed on to drive the new Bomag after he sampled a Bomag in November! The pushing performance, stability, and comfort are ‘streets ahead’ of the previous machine according to Barry. 

Powered by a 400kW 8 cylinder water cooled Deutz engine and with each wheel having hydrostatic drive the Bomag 972 RB-2 is a safe, reliable, and robust purpose built landfill compactor with an articulated and oscillating chassis. Operator safety and comfort is well catered for with a ROPS cab, air conditioning, a suspension seat, and four independent high performance brakes. Separate parking and emergency braking systems automatically over-ride the transmission function. 

The Sandy Lane site is currently handling over 2,000 tonnes of mixed waste a week and as this has to be spread, compacted, and covered with inert material the demands on the landfill compactor are high. Waste is delivered by road vehicles and tipped in the cell 20 tonnes at a time and, according to Barry, the Bomag has the power and traction to ‘doze’ and spread a full load in one pass. The 4.5 metre wide blade has a robust box-type construction to cope with high loads. The torsion resistant design ensures quick and efficient distribution of all kinds of waste. The refuse screen, which forms part of the blade construction, is designed to protect the operator and machine from damage from stray waste material. Repetitive forward and reverse movements, of the 46.5 tonne machine, compact the waste to maximize the capacity of the site. Typically 6-8 passes are sufficient to compact the waste in the cell. The high ground pressure Bomag polygonal wheels are offset front and rear for optimum coverage and uniformity of compaction. A compaction width of 6 metres is achieved after only 2 passes by offsetting the second pass by one wheel width. 

If a happy operator is an efficient operator then Veolia at Sandy Lane has an efficient operator and a powerful and efficient landfill compactor. 

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