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National Diet & Fitness Firm Launches New Personal Training Drive In Birmingham

Press release January 9, 2013 Health

My Home Trainer Eager To Put The VaVaVoom Back Into Brum

The message is going out to all true lovers of Birmingham who want to enjoy everything this vibrant city has to offer – it’s time to rise and shine.

Theamazing diversity of Birmingham means it’s a world city and what better than to be a healthy citizen of the world, trained by a highly experienced MHT personal trainer?

That’s the message Craig Tye of My Home Trainer (MHT) is eager to promote as 2013 kicks in and the populace attempts to get back to some sort of normality.

“But people shouldn’t let a lack of time get in their way,” says Craig. “There’s a Personal trainer manchester just waiting to improve people’s fitness or prepare them to reach a level of fitness they may never have experienced before.”

No matter what your busy schedule, adds Craig, if there’s a handy green space the mobile personal trainers of MHT can be there for you.

“If people need a training session at home before getting ready to hit the town we can come to them. Whatever excuse they have ever had not to work out, or increase the intensity of their work out, we can find them an even better reason to train and exercise on the dance floor, in the gym or just about any venue of your choice.

“Don’t let everyone else enjoy the diverse scene, personal training liverpool is what it’s all about. Shape up, work out and live life to the max in a city that’s confident and innovative!”

Anyone who has thought about changing their body shape, or improving muscle definition or training for a specific event, are being encouraged to get to it now because each journey begins with the first step. A highly motivational and knowledgeable MHT personal trainer can change every aspect of someone’s training routine for the better.

“Imagine looking in the mirror before your night out, looking just how you always wanted to look, or lining up for a marathon and feeling absolutely great. Think about improving your personal performance on the pitch or the court and celebrating your own goals instead of applauding others,” says Craig.

MHT provide all aspects of personal training including indoor gym supervision, home workouts, or outdoor exercises for all ages and abilities, along with diet plans and health assessments.

“Our personal trainers in Birmingham can get you to exactly where you need to be. So contact us now then, get in shape for some serious 'Brummy' action!”

About MHT:

My Home Trainer provides Personal Trainers and Fitness Experts anywhere the UK. Whatever an individual’s requirement, MHT will provide them with a highly qualified, motivated Personal Trainer in their local area to help them regain a sense of wellbeing that will transform their life.


Telephone: 0800 228 9239

Email: [email protected].