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Motoring in Europe this year

Press release June 23, 2010 Business

Home & Legacy Motor Insurance policy holders benefit from extended cover for 365 days per year for trips up to 90 days while driving their car anywhere in the EU and with the level of benefits that you enjoy in the UK.


Good security measures complement your insurance cover by helping to give you peace of mind, knowing your home is well protected.

If you are planning to travel to Europe, here is some general advice:

  • You may be asked to produce your documents at any time. To avoid a police fine and/or confiscation of your vehicle, be sure that they are in order and readily available for inspection.
  • Take the telephone number(s) for your motor insurance and motor breakdown companies.
  • Familiarise yourself with the laws of each country that you will be driving in, including which side of the road that they drive on and speed limits.
  • Warning triangles are compulsory in Austria, Belgium, Denmark, France, Italy, Luxembourg, The Netherlands, Norway Spain and Switzerland.
  • Reflective jackets or visibility vests are compulsory in Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Norway and Spain. The number that you need to carry per vehicle and where they need to be kept varies from country to country so make sure that you check before departure, however one per passenger kept in the vehicle is recommended.
  • Wearers of spectacles are advised to carry a spare pair however in Spain and Switzerland it is compulsory to have a spare pair in the vehicle at all times.
  • If you are unfortunate and are fined, make sure that you get an official receipt from the issuing authority.
  • Above all drive safely and we wish you a happy holiday!

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