PressPort logo, an innovative consumer finance comparison service for the UK is launched.

Press release October 24, 2007 Economy significantly simplifies and enhances the ways in which consumers can find, compare and review financial products such as credit cards, mortgages and loans.

HGi Media Systems is proud to announce the launch of, an innovative financial comparison service that allows users to quickly and easily locate credit cards, loans, mortgages, bank accounts, insurance services and more.  In as little as three clicks, a user can potentially find a suitable financial product without having to offer any personal information or undertake tedious form filling.

The service aims to empower consumers by offering them 'whole of the market' choice and providing key information for informed decisions.  Further, user reviews and ratings for individual financial products enhance the decision making process whilst providing valuable opinion from those who have already used and experienced financial services and products.

Users of the site can also enjoy the considerable benefits of becoming a member of the moneygem network, where free membership provides:

  • An account for basic organisation of personal finances (credit cards, loans and mortgages)
  • A shortlist feature for saving and comparing different financial products and services
  • The ability to create an anonymous financial profile as a means of comparing an individual’s level of wealth or debt with others
  • Participation in the network community, where members post advice, tips and information on a wide range of useful topics 

“From the beginning we wanted to do more with the concept of financial product comparison and offer our users an unbiased comprehensive service, rich with features and a strong sense of site community.” states Craig Hughes, the architect of

Experience moneygem for yourself:

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