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Modern Radiators: Practical yet Stylish

Press release June 15, 2011 Homes & Gardens

Modern Radiators add a touch of class to any room whilst being practical at the same time.

Glass radiator

Modern Radiators are able to offer a stylish chic look as well as being practical. Unlike traditional radiators, the array of new designs of radiators on the market today are available in all different looks, materials and sizes that fit with any design or size of room. Once only seen on Grand Home Designs, designer radiators are now readily available on the high street and online at affordable prices.

Aluminium Towel Rails offer the practicality of warming several towels at once whereby the old traditional radiator only allows one. Aluminium Towel Rails are available in all different sizes, so making it a good choice for even the smallest bathroom. Corner radiators, low line radiators and flat radiators are an ideal solution when trying to make use of home space whilst still remaining modern in style.

For a more radical design; there are a huge choice of coloured, mirrored, copper finishes, stone and even glass radiators which, offer as much heat as a normal radiator however, give the wow factor in homes. Contemporary designed radiators are becoming more popular in modern homes as they add a touch of elegance and create a focal point.

Keith at Cosy Rooms Ltd who stocks one of the widest selection of Contemporary Radiators said "The more radical the design, the more popular the radiator is, interior designers and home owners are looking for ways to be different, the contemporary designed radiator offers just that." When asked about practicality of the more radical designed radiator "The new designs are more energy efficient, made from quality materials and they come in all sizes so they are much more practical than the traditional radiator"

Long gone are the days when the radiator was just a source of heat, now the modern radiator has become a fashionable statement in home interiors!

Cosy Rooms Radiators offer a vast selection of colours, designs and materials that will make a statement in any modern home. Visit to see their full selection.



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