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Modern audio adaptation of Chekhov’s best stories read by Max Bollinger compared to Monet paintings by critics arrives to Apple’s digital iTunes Stores

Press release March 31, 2010 Culture

Immortal Chekhov finds new digital stage in Apple’s iTunes Stores

Anton Chekhov, known for his modesty, predicted in 1904 that his works would be read for another seven years before falling into oblivion.  This is one prediction made by Chekhov where time has proven him to be completely wrong.  Chekhov continued to be admired around the world for more than a century and his popularity only increases with time.

The unique style of writing, wit, humour and wisdom of Chekhovian characters travels across time, languages and borders with ease. Back in 19th century Chekhov revolutionised literary and theatrical scene by introducing innovative stream of consciousness technique and unique efficiency and compactness in his texts.  Immortal creations of Anton Chekhov continued to inspire for over 100 years. Chekhov is now one of the most widely translated and imitated writers in the world.  And even in today’s digital world Chekhov continues to be a pioneer.

A unique audio adaptation of Chehov’s best stories, released earlier this year by Interactive Media under Sovereign imprint in audio CD format attracted much attention from international audiences for its innovative (even for audio books) style.  The version presented by Russian-born narrator Max Bollinger is not a simple audio book.  This is a fusion audio product offering dramatised original stories written by Anton Chekhov in English translation, with latest innovation in audio production and music recording.

“Short Stories by Anton Chekhov is a picture for me. In fact, I liken each of them to a Monet painting in which you can see the individual strokes of the brush if you stand too close, but stepping back you see the whole picture at once and not the bits that created the whole. Masterpieces!”, wrote Frayda Galass in her review of second volume in the series of Short Stories by Anton Chekhov, Bk. 2: Talent and Other stories ISBN: 9780956116550

“The tracks are superbly interspersed with snatches of music by Tchaikovsky, which set the mood perfectly. It would be exceedingly simple to overdo the 'Russian-ness' of this disc but, the editor has judged the mood perfectly. I have now listened to it a few times and will certainly do so again (hopefully, many times)”, wrote Ken Petersen in his review.

This release of Chekhov Short Stories appeals to both audio book lovers and first timers and even those who have had less enjoyable experiences with audio books in the past.

“Listening to Chekhov short stories told in a Russian accented voice. What a pleasant way to spend an hour. Anton

Chekhov does so well at condensing time and space into just a few words. Most writers of his time, and of today, would need a novel to tell what he can put into not very many pages. I'm not usually an audio book user, but did enjoy this one. The subtle sound effects and the Russian-sounding narrator added to the listening.”, wrote Michael Schwager in his review.

“I’ve always loved Chekhov’s stories and the six presented here have that wonderful mix of humour and poignancy.” continues Maki Vounoridis.

A new dimension has been uncovered for English speaking audiences in these audio releases read by Max Bollinger . The  “Russian-ness” of the narrator captures the richness and diversity of Chekhovian characters so accurately. Anton Chekhov travelled extensively during his lifetime and lived in different parts of Russia. This is reflected in his characters who come from many different regions of Russia. It is often overlooked that Russia is home to some 160 different ethnicities speaking Russian with their own local accents and dialects adding important flavours and style to the characters in Chekhov’s texts. This is something that can gets lost in translation very easily, but not in this version. 

Other unique features of this production can be attributed to styling and mastering of audio tracks. Each presents a separate story similarly to songs on music albums and there is occasional presence of atmospheric sound effects and music.  This unique mastering of this release made it possible to deliver this content to Apple’s iTunes, iPhone and other digital platforms traditionally distributing music albums .  The first collection of Stories can now be accessed via these digital platforms.  Short Stories by Anton Chekhov Bk.1: A Tragic Actor and Other stories, priced $3.99 on iTunes for the entire collection of 6 stories.


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Short Stories by Anton Chekhov Bk.1: A Tragic Actor and Other Stories

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