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Mobitron – We offer Transport Monitoring System for demanding transports

Press release February 27, 2017 Impact recording system TMS90 Transport Monitoring System Cargolog Mobitron

The Cargolog® TMS90 is a highly advanced transport monitoring system. It uses the Cargolog Impact Recorder System® as its base and when combined with a driver alarm, it will give you and your company increased security and control of your transports from start to finish.

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With Cargolog® TMS90 you will obtain information in real-time, and an alarm will go off if any of the values you’ve chosen are exceeded. The driver will also receives a visible alarm which will allow him to safely stop, check and report any damage. The alarm can then be reset by an authorised operator; this is done by pulling a reset tag along the system’s RFID sensor, which is mounted in the enclosure on the goods. The driver can then continue with the transport until a new alarm is given. This result in efficient and safe transports!

Cargolog® TMS90 is also used when you need to move heavy, sensitive, or otherwise valuable and bulky technical equipment when monitoring the entire transport chain is important.

You can also connect Cargolog® TMS90 with our cloud service, Cargolog® Online. This enables you to monitor the transport directly via our cloud service. This will especially help you when transporting temperature sensitive products, and also enable you to effectively protect, by contacting and warn the driver and when the temperature starts to rise or fall.


  • Current position of your transport
  • Information on any impacts and vibrations
  • Information on the exact temperature

About us

Mobitron was founded in 1991, and is a company that specialize in developing, manufacturing and selling systems and products designed for quality assurance when handling goods. Currently the company is located in Kaxholmen, Sweden.

Mobitron is most known for their excellence in product development. Cargolog®was initially launched as a measurement system that recorded temperature, humidity, shocks & vibrations. Over the years it has evolved and is currently a complex recording tool for monitoring transporting goods, and contains a fully integrated GPS and GSM/GPRS.

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Impact recording system TMS90 Transport Monitoring System Cargolog Mobitron