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Misleading Marketing Firms Cost UK Businesses Billions

Press release January 30, 2013 PR

Crave and Lamb Advises Urgent Thought on Marketing Approaches

The results are in and the news is not good – Crave and Lamb reports billions of pounds wasted on ineffective marketing campaigns in 2012. Perhaps worse still, the businesses handing over the money are for the most part being duped by their providers into thinking all is as it should be, when clearly it is nothing of the sort.

According to the team at Crave and Lamb, there is a growing pattern across the UK of internet marketing specialists falsely claiming the extent and impact of their efforts, which in turn leads to their client businesses continuing to pump in the money for little to no return. Their advice – forget existing as a silent partner and take a comprehensive look at what is being both delivered and verified in accordance with spending.

Money for Nothing

The biggest problem comes by way of marketing firms assuring their client businesses that their efforts are on-going and at least in line with the curve, when they have in fact been stationary for months, maybe even years. Crave and Lamb argues that this is easy to highlight – if returns from marketing efforts have either remained stagnant for years or fallen, the provider is clearly NOT doing a good job.

Likewise, thousands of businesses are finding that their premiums are increasing with little to nothing to show for them. Even more common still is the inability to get a response from a marketing partner who seems more intent on ignoring calls and communications than responding to them.

What all of the above and dozens of other examples add up to is the need to carefully and proactively rethink who to team up with.

Demanding More

Crave and Lamb is a firm advocate of demanding more than ever before from a marketing firm – the days of introducing prize promotions once a year to bring in millions of punters are long gone. Instead, there is a need for on-going and creative innovation of the highest order where no campaigns or efforts are allowed to stagnate for even a week, let alone a full year.

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