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Mexican beer market ruled by two major players- Heineken and AB InBev

Press release September 3, 2014 Mexico beer market, mexico beer industry

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International breweries and a dizzying mix of domestic brands are the important players in the Mexican beer market, which is one of world’s biggest markets for the beverage. The two global giants having the biggest market shares in the Mexico beer market are Heineken and Anheuser- Busch InBev which also controls other players like Corona, La Victoria, Tecate Light, Dos Equis, Modela Especial and Bohemia. With more than a million consumers entering the market annually, the market also sees great variety in the form of stouts, Belgian-style ales, tripels, and beers that contain local ingredients. Currently the two brewers, Heineken and Anheuser- Busch InBev, hold about 96% of the market share.

This report, Beer Market Insights Mexico, contains detailed brand, distribution and packaging data and analysis across the Mexico beer market for 2013. The beer market in Mexico holds 2% of the global market share, of which the key players are predicting that use of metal can packaging would further help them rapidly expand in the sector.

Market overview

In 2010, Heineken ventured into Mexico’s market and purchased one of the biggest brewers. The biggest brands owned by Heineken are Dos Equis and Sol that produces nine billion bottles of beer every year. Enjoying double-digit growth, Dos Equis also invests in branding campaigns aimed at American drinkers. Most of the beer produced by these breweries is exported to the lucrative market north of the border.

Mexican beer is praised for its high quality, which is why it is mostly priced above competitors in the global market. The burgeoning middle class of the country supports the growth of the Mexican beer industry. Recent changes such as anti-trust measures that allow improved access for craft brewers in the market are being viewed as a challenge. However, with the introduction of craft breweries, Heineken believes that it will benefit more from this segmentation where they can offer exclusive deals with vendors.

A slew of takeovers worth USD 20 billion took place last year. Among these was the take-over of Grupo Modelo by rival of AB InBev. Market analysts predict that this mega deal will help AB InBev extend its lead over Heineken because AB InBev was becoming the lowest cost producer of beer in Latin America. With reinvesting in the local brewery brands, AB InBev thinks that this will be the main driver in market share gains.

With Mexico’s economy looking set to bounce back in 2014, even after a slowdown in 2013, the battle to reap rewards in the beer industry is evolving rapidly.

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Mexico beer market, mexico beer industry