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MESHKATI exclusive hair specialist opens centre in London

Press release July 31, 2017 London Hair Centre

About MESHKATI Hair Centre: MESHKATI Opened its first centre in London, at 10 Grosvenor Place, Belgravia, in 2016. Amy Meshkati, a French biologist and founder of the MESHKATI hair centre, has dedicated her life to treating hair loss. Since 1985, Amy Meshkati has continuously worked to push the limits of hair reconstitution. Amy’s research paved the way for exclusive procedures and preventive care. In 2004, Amy launched a complete range of hair products tested in laboratories to prevent hair loss, nourish and revitalise. In 2007, Amy created a specific technique for cancer patients to address hair loss concerns during chemotherapy: the CHEMOSOFT Programme. Amy designed the 100% natural and non-surgical procedures currently in use in MESHKATI Hair Centre in 2012. Non-invasive and without side effects, the procedures allow for a complete reconstitution of hair.


London, July 31, 2017 –Leading hair specialist, MESHKATI, has just opened a centre in London, in Belgravia. Founded by Amy Meshkati who brings more than 30 years of expertise in biology, hair restoration and research, MESHKATI Hair Centre employs a team of leading hair specialists and researchers to provide discreet, advanced and bespoke solutions to hair loss.

MESHKATI is an innovative high-end hair centre that offers unique solutions for men and women suffering from hair loss. The exclusive MESHKATI procedures allow for a complete hair restoration in 20 hours, with an immediate natural result.  Beyond the essential technical and scientific developments at the heart of the MESHKATI procedures, Amy Meshkati brings an artistic and aesthetic touch to each intervention to create truly beautiful, natural hair.

Amy Meshkati, founder of MESHKATI, says: “Hair loss can be profoundly distressing. Beyond the physical change, it often affects one’s self-esteem and quality of life. Many of the existing hair restoration techniques, such as transplants, have their limitations and the results generally fall short of expectations. With our exclusive treatments, we can guarantee natural discreet and long term solutions that give our clients back the confidence to live their life.”

MESHKATI’s two most popular hair restoration procedures, NANOPROCEDURE and ULTRACONNEXE, are non-surgical and 100% natural, can restore hair and reach any desired density, regardless of the extent of hair loss. After detailed hair analysis including assessment of physiological, chemical and electrical properties, texture, colour, degree of waviness and thickness, as well as resistance to biological agents, the new hair is carefully selected from MESHKATI’s extensive hair bank to match the existing hair with natural donor hair as closely as possible. 

Research is at the core MESHKATI’s mission and it is dedicated to stay at the forefront of science to not only design new solution but also improve existing techniques to counteract hair loss. MESHKATI also offers specialist treatment for hair loss caused by chemotherapy. CHEMOSOFT is a unique hair replacement solution designed to restore cancer patients’ confidence and help them focus on recovery.

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