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Men who supported Women Suffragettes

Press release July 18, 2011 Young

There is a lot of history written about the Women Suffragettes however, very little coverage is given to the men that also supported the fight for Women's Rights. This article details one man who stood by his wife and joined her in the fight for this feminist cause.

Alfred hawkins 1

The history of suffragette movementdetails how women of this country fought for a very basic human right a 100 years ago, the right to vote. However little coverage is given to the men who also supported the feminist cause. One man who did support the cause was Alfred Hawkins, husband of leading Leicester suffragetteAlice Hawkins. Alfred and Alice were soul mates who shared the same politics and Alfred would often attend public meetings given by prominent politicians on behalf of the suffragettes who were refused entry. In 1911, exactly 100 years ago, Alfred heckled Winston Churchillat two public meetings over the issue of women and the vote. On both occasions Alfred was physically manhandled and ejected from the meetings by the stewards however at the meeting in St. Georges Hall, Bradford Alfred was thrown down a flight of stairs and broke his leg. Later that year Alfred successfully sued The Young Liberal Party of Bradford in a civil court and received damages of £100. A large some in those days. More of Alice and Alfred's fight for the women's cause can be found on the web site dedicated to their struggle and created by their descendants. Illustrated with suffragette memorabiliathat once belonged to Alice, it is intended as a learning resource for students of the movement. Visit the web site to learn more'