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Men more concerned about penis size in the changing rooms than the bedroom

Press release November 26, 2009 Lifestyle

A study into male and female attitudes to penis size throws up some interesting results.

When it comes to penis size, men are much shyer in the changing rooms than they are in the bedroom.

That’s according to male enhancement firm Male Edge (, which conducted a poll of men and women across Europe and the US.

More than 58% of male respondents admitted to feeling self-conscious about the size of their penis when disrobing in the changing rooms. That compares to just 44% who said they feel self-conscious when undressing in front of a partner.

Klaus Pedersen, Managing Director of Male Edge manufacturer DanaLife, observed: “There’s a common misconception that men want a larger penis simply to impress a partner. As this survey has revealed, that’s simply not true. The pressure to look good in the competitive environment of the gym is much more intense than it is in the bedroom. In fact it’s fair to say that women tend to care less about penis size than men do.”

Men want length, women want girth

Of the men surveyed, 77% said they wished they were a little longer down below. Fewer (70%) said they wished they had more girth. But it seems men have their priorities all wrong. Only 3% of female respondents said that length is more important than girth, which compares to 48% who said the exact opposite. The remaining 49% said that length and girth are equally important.

“The only measurement you ever hear about when it comes to penis size is length,” Klaus Pedersen continued. “That’s why we weren’t surprised at all to discover that our male respondents were more interested in lengthening their penis than adding girth. As our female respondents told us, girth is at least as important as length, but men are simply reluctant to accept this – however often they’re told!”

Whether it’s length or girth they’re after, there’s no doubt that male respondents were keen for a bit of enhancement. In fact nearly a third (30%) said they’d rather have a larger penis than a better job.

How important is penis size to women?

Interestingly, more than half (52%) of all male respondents said they had been praised for their penis size by at least one partner. Whether or not these kind words were heartfelt is another matter, with 47% of all female respondents admitting they have praised a man without really meaning it! Either way, penis size is definitely a real conversation piece. Some 83% of female respondents said they occasionally or regularly gossip about penis size with their friends.

Of course, there are many women out there who do not see penis size as a big issue; 17% claimed it isn’t important to them at all. Only 8% said they are exclusively interested in well-endowed guys, with the remaining 75% saying that a big penis is a bonus – but it certainly isn’t everything. In encouraging news for any well-endowed guys who are carrying a few extra pounds, 72% of the women polled said they would rather have a man with an average body and a large penis than a guy with a fantastic body but a small penis.

Additional Survey Info:


-          39% of men were between 6.1 and 7 inches when erect

-          34% of men were between 5.1 and 6 inches when erect

-          Only 9% of men said a partner had complained about their size

-          81% of men would consider penis enlargement, if it were safe, inexpensive and proven


-          15% of women said penis size is more important than stamina (37%) and imagination (48%)

-          31% of women said that a small penis makes sex less enjoyable, 49% said it depends on their mood and 20% said a small penis does not detract from the quality of sex

-          45% of women said a man with a large penis tends to be better in bed than a man with a small penis, but 48% claimed it makes no difference

-          35% of women said the perfect penis size is 6.1 to 7 inches; 23% said 7.1 inches to 8 inches

About DanaLife / Male Edge

DanaLife is located in Copenhagen, Denmark. Founded in 2008, it is a subsidiary of DanaMedic, the company responsible for producing the world’s first traction penis enlarger, the ‘JesExtender’, which remains the best-selling penis enlarger of all time. DanaLife is responsible for the development, design and manufacturing of the Male Edge penis extension device, which is distributed worldwide.

How does the Male Edge work?

Safe and perfectly natural, the Male Edge applies a gentle but constant stretch to the penis. The body’s natural response to traction is to generate new tissue cells – also called cell multiplication. This process builds new tissue, leading to a permanent increase in both length and girth. This growth is visible whether you’re flaccid or erect. On average, men using the Male Edge increase their size by 28% in length/19% in girth. The product is clinically proven and recommended by doctors.


The Male Edge survey was completed by a total of 375 people (290 men and 85 women) in July/August 2009, including subscribers to a number of popular online forums (e.g. Men’s Health magazine and Cosmopolitan magazine). While we are confident that the results of the survey are representative of the wider population, the Male Edgesurvey is not in any way a scientific study.

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