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Measure your digital marketing performance with Digi-products’ real-time online reporting

Press release March 4, 2009 PR

Major hotel group uses Digi-products to run digital marketing campaigns for 61 UK hotels

Measuring the performance of marketing campaigns is vital for a company to know what is or is not working, which is why Digi-products built real-time online reporting as an integral feature of its comprehensive digital marketing tools.

Every time a customer clicks a link in an email generated with Digi-products, the sender is automatically informed about who is taking action and what they are looking at. Alerts are sent for every click, not just the initial click, so that businesses see immediately which prospects show interest and can follow up to ensure a sale.

This is ideal for multi-site businesses, for which Digi-products not only ensure consistency of presentation and content in customer communications, but also compile comprehensive reports analysing customer response for use by marketing and sales staff, local managers and head office.

Accor is a major global group and the European leader in hotels with a number of well-known brands including 31 Novotel hotels and 30 Mercure hotels across the UK. The marketing and sales team at each hotel uses a custom Digi solution to promote accommodation, meetings, events, catering and other hotel facilities to corporate customers, public authorities, and private groups and individuals.

Digi-products enables each team to send personalised digital material linking to centrally produced branded brochures on the hotel and its parent group. They are also used to send proposals, quotes and contracts, and any other Word or PDF documents.

Instead of hit-and-miss success with teams putting together their own campaigns, Digi-products materials ensure every hotel generates material of consistent appearance and high quality, which are fully measurable.

Business development staff can follow up interested prospects, the hotel manager at each of their 61 locations can monitor how individuals are converting responses into actual sales and head office can analyse performance of each hotel on enquiry levels and project type and size.

Real-time online reporting provides comprehensive data for management meetings, without any manual preparation, giving regional and central marketing and sales departments valuable information on which to base business decisions.

While an ordinary email or sales letter is difficult to monitor, Digi-products enables comprehensive monitoring of every single customer communication at user, manager and head office levels simultaneously.

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