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Mark Foster's words ring true for

Press release September 21, 2010 Sport

Five-time Olympian Mark Foster has highlighted the importance of swimming at the launch of SwimFit in the North. Those words are certainly echoed by

Mark Foster is better placed than most to talk about the benefits of swimming training.

Having worked with top swimming coaches throughout his career, he went on to represent his country in five Olympic games, win six world titles and break eight world records. Without doubt, he is one of the most successful British swimmers of all time.

Earlier this month, the swimming legend made an appearance at Doncaster Fitness and Wellbeing Centre to promote the launch of British Gas Swimfit in the North. The initiative, which aims to provide a gym-style training programme for the pool, is completely free to use.

"What I love about Swimfit is that it gives people a challenge, it's like having a poolside coach to encourage you along," explained Mark Foster.

"A lot of people want to get fitter and healthier and if you don't feel that cycling or jogging suit you, then swimming may be the sport for you."

Swimmers can log practice sessions, track their progress and set long-term goals online by registering for My Swimfit on They will also be able to get expert advice, coaching tools and animated stroke demonstrations. Moreover, Swimfit is divided into four categories – Health, Shape up and Tone, Fitness and Competitive – to reflect the fact that people have many different reasons for swimming. is a firm believer in the value of coaching. If you find Swimfit useful, you may want to consider hiring a professional swim teacher. It is highly recommended that you get taught by an ASA accredited and licensed teacher in order to receive the best training possible.