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Marching to the sound of BIG FEET!

Press release February 20, 2008 Lifestyle

100% People have proudly declared March as Big Feet Appreciation Month!

As an online resource (web address: dedicated to assisting those of the population who are above average in shape and size, 100% People have decided to celebrate big feet and all those who walk on them throughout the month of March.

Highlighting the issue of large feet in both men and women is a subject that is not usually discussed publicly. Many people feel ashamed of having above average sized feet, finding shoes to fit can be as unpleasant as clipping your toe-nails with a potato peeler!

This is where 100% People step in!

The online resource has began to campaign to find the UK's Best Big Shoe Retailer for both men and women. Judging stockists on size availability, shoe styles, value for money and customer service 100% People will proudly name their favourite retailer at the end of the month.

They will also be:

  • Speaking to people who have large feet and finding out their issues.
  • Researching what makes a good shoe.
  • Reporting on good foot healthcare.
  • Reviewing the latest footwear trends.

The frustration of shopping for the perfect pair of shoes is something most of us could never understand. The embarrassment of the store not having your size plus the anger of having to pay more would send anyone over the edge. This is why the internet has become such a valuable resource for those out there who struggle to find shoes to fit.

100% People are devoted to providing all people, who are unusually large in a variety of different shapes and sizes, with as much information and support as they possibly can.

Kathryn Whatton the director has been passionate about making specific services available for these people for over 10 ten years. Kathryn said "We know Big Feet Appreciation Month sounds rather wacky, but if this is what it takes for the country to realise not everyone can squeeze into an average size then so be it! We want anyone who has an issue with large feet or any amusing stories to get in touch!"

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