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Many travelers are still ending up paying for unused services

Press release January 28, 2009 Tourism

Passengers getting help in claiming airport taxes and surcharges on their non-refundable airline tickets


Not many passengers are aware of the fact that if they miss a flight, cancel or simply don't use their non-refundable plane ticket, they are still entitled to reclaim certain airport taxes and surcharges. It is a fact that airlines are charged these taxes not on basis of how many tickets are sold, but on how many people actually fly.
Bad information, long frustrating processes and expensive telephone calls are some of the reasons people don't even bother trying to get these taxes refunded. Internet forums are filling every day with comments, questions and feedback from people who are desperately trying to find the right information and get to the right solution for their refund.

As a result of that necessity, the newly launched offers travelers to handle the refund process for them by claiming airport taxes and surcharges on flights they didn't take - at a price of EUR 29. The service fee applies per reservation, regardless number of travelers. What happens is, after customers provide the necessary personal information and flight details on the company┬┤s website, claims the airport taxes and other refundable charges from the specific airlines. As refund is made by airlines or travel agencies directly to the passengers, (in most cases to the credit card used to book and pay for the ticket), requires payment of its EUR 29 fee when booking the service. If for some reason the claim is unsuccessful, reimburses the fee. is a Danish based company, which offers its service internationally. It was created by Hristina Jensen, who is an internationally certified ticket and tariff consultant. She has several years of work experience, first as an employee at Copenhagen airport and later on as a consultant in the business travel industry. The idea behind was raised by the necessity, she saw, of spreading the message and helps more travelers to successfully reclaim their money on their non taken flights.