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Many Good Things about Manchester Jobs

Press release July 20, 2010 Business

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The City of Manchester in North West England may be world-famous for its Manchester United football team but for jobseekers, it is a haven for employment. The fact that its economy is one of the largest in terms of volume and currency makes looking for and then landing jobs in Manchester a likely success. As with metropolitan cities in developed countries like the United Kingdom, individuals looking for Manchester jobs are well advised to start their job search in the commercial and business areas instead of, say, agriculture.

Then and Now

Even in past years, the economic growth of Manchester was linked to manufacturing - textile, to be exact - than to agricultural development. The city was at the forefront of the Industrial Revolution during the 19th century with manufacturing as the basis of the economy.

Nowadays, manufacturing may still be part of the economy but it has been overtaken in importance by the service sector.  In fact, Manchester boasts of the fastest-growing service industry in the entire United Kingdom with capital first and inward investments second pushing it to greater heights.  Thus, for people hoping to land Manchester jobs, the service sector is a goldmine of opportunities.

Favorable Business Environment

The abundance of available jobs in Manchester is further fueled by the good press coming the city's way.  It is consistently ranked as one of the best cities to do business in the United Kingdom and in Europe, said recognitions given by virtue of the city's favorable business climate.  In general, the city's physical infrastructure, business legislation and human resources are in themselves goldmine of opportunities for local and foreign businessmen and investors.

The main industries within the city are the creative arts and media, financial and legal services, higher education, life sciences, manufacturing, communications and commerce.  With such a wide range of specialized, developed and fast-growing industries, Manchester jobs are, indeed, bountiful in terms of both quality and quantity.

Second City of Retail

The city's Central Business District, simply known as the Manchester City Centre, is a regional and national center for the retail industry.  There are many shopping complexes, department stores and markets in the city with the pedestrianised Market Street forming the core of the retail area within the city center.

Jobs in Manchester can be found in these retail establishments as well as in the seasonal venues like the Christmas Markets.  Although these jobs are on a contractual basis, the city benefits from the increased income for its residents.

High-Tech Dominance

Manchester also has a growing community of digital companies with diverse specialties ranging from search engine optimization to online public relations.  The digital community features an online hub called the Manchester Digital coupled with a vibrant group of bloggers dealing with a variety of issues from fashion to politics.

The quality and quantity of Manchester jobs available is a good thing in themselves.  But the fact that these jobs are growing amidst the economic difficulties makes jobs in Manchester worth looking into.  So, we suggest trawling the Net, joining online forums and asking employers in the city about these jobs.

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