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Manchester property owners split over West Didsbury parking

Press release December 23, 2010 Lifestyle

Plans to introduce a West Didsbury parking permit have divided Manchester property owners. Manchester Confidential has found that many businesses are against the proposals, while local residents are broadly in favour.

Manchester Confidential has found opinion is divided on the merits of imposing parking restrictions in West Didsbury for the benefit of Manchester property owners.

In November 2010, more than 120 people attended a public meeting at Cavendish Road School to discuss controversial plans to introduce parking permits along Burton Road and neighbouring streets.

The implications are discussed in a news article on the blog, entitled West Dids: selfish locals or clever?

Supporters say that that the move will enable residents to park within walking distance of their homes, rather than find their spot taken by visitors looking to enjoy the area's many bars and restaurants.

For example, Kevin Gray spoke on behalf of residents at the meeting, but stressed that he felt a solution needed to be found for all Manchester property owners, whether residential or commercial.

Sarah, a local resident and employee at the Silver Apples teashop, came out strongly in favour of parking permits, saying: "I'm ultimately for it".

On the other hand, Paul, manager of local eatery Piccolino, was concerned that the West Didsbury parking permits were "absolutely bonkers" and would affect both customers and members of staff.

Penny, from Manchester restaurant love2eat on Burton Road, also hit out at the plans as a "complete farce".

Finally, Manchester Confidential gave its own thoughts on the proposed West Didsbury parking permits.

In an editorial comment, it stated: "The attraction of West Didsbury is that Burton Road is such a fine place for dining and relaxing. Residents should stop whinging and count their lucky stars they live in a place with such fabulous amenity."

If you are a Manchester property owner in West Didsbury, you can join the debate by leaving your own comment on the Manchester Confidential news article, West Dids: selfish locals or clever?