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Managed Print Services - Reduces an Organisation CO2 Emissions

Press release August 30, 2012 Business

When businesses choose to move to a managed fleet print service, they are not only reducing their carbon footprint, they are saving money on printing costs.

Managed Print Services
Managed Print Services helps companies reduce their CO2 emissions.

Managed Print Services reduces a businesses CO2 emissions.

Many companies are moving over to managed print services (MPS) in order to streamline their print management and improve their print infrastructure through device consolidation. 

When an organisation chooses to introduce a green printing initiative, not only will it reduce costs and improve productivity; it will also reduce the companies' carbon footprint.

In order to improve an organisations environmental credentials it is essential to look at reducing paper waste; 8 percent of trees cut down worldwide are used for the production of paper. Hazardous printing inks and cleaning solvents used in the printing process can have a degrading effect on our planet.  By hiring an MPS company it can reduce the high use of paper and reduce the usage of hazardous printing inks, helping a company to have a positive impact on the planet.

Printing has such a damaging effect on the environment; by introducing a managed print service companies' implement a strategy to be more environmentally aware.  It is essential that companies who have a high turnover of printed documentation; for e.g. hotels look at strategies to control and reduce their printing output in order to reduce their carbon footprint.  

Businesses find that it is valuable to have green printing strategies in place in order to show their environmental concerns to clients and staff.  Companies face the challenge of marrying positive environmental behavior with effective and productive working practices that ensure the business is conscious of the environment whilst delivering and meeting client’s needs.  By choosing a good managed fleet print services company gives a positive environmental statement, which in turn improves the image of the organisation and reduces costs whilst increasing productivity. 

MPS (managed print services) allows businesses to be actively working in a green printing friendly way, whilst also allowing them to improve their productivity and manage costs.

Even though a paperless business looks good on paper, it is neither realistic nor achievable in most organisations.  The objection therefore has to be; reduce the impact on the environmental by looking to go greener with a MPS company and reduce the printing costs of the organisation. 

Visit to find out how your business can be more environmentally friendly by introducing managed fleet print services into your organisation.



Managed Print Services
Managed Print Services helps companies reduce their CO2 emissions.
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