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Making the most of your loft

Press release February 24, 2012 Lifestyle

Looking to convert your loft space - have you considered the planning and preparation

Sometimes it’s better to make use of the space you have rather than looking for a new home. It’s easier and cheaper and it will add value to your property should you ever want to sell. This article will look at ways of converting your loft space and all of the technical and legal side of things.

Feasibility, preparation and planning:

The first things to consider when planning a loft conversion are:

  • Feasibility: Are you able to easily convert the loft and add stairs or ladders without compromising on space?
  • Preparation: Clear all of the loft space out, this could be a fun activity and you could find some old things you forgot about
  • Clear out the garage or your shed to store the materials you will need for the conversion.
  • Planning:Make sure the work you are planning is ok to go ahead, submit your plans to the council and ensure its ok for you to do the work.
  • Get in a structural engineer to do the calculations, you could do it yourself but it will be easier and cheaper in the long run to get a professional in to measure up.

The next thing to consider is the working environment. Lofts can be dark and hot in the summer so you should consider installing Velux roof lights. It’s not difficult and requires little installation. Another option is installing Velux windows, they will be perfect for creating good working conditions for the builders/ you and they add an aesthetic value to the final conversion.

Once you have cleared the loft, got planning permission and installed the windows/lights you are good to start with the structural work. It is best to get a professional in to do this as it can be tricky. Now you have your structural work done, you are ready to install your staircase or loft ladders.

Staircase installation:

You can choose to have a staircase fitted but this can be expensive and is a permanent structure that can’t be tidied away.Loft ladders are a cheaper and tidier option; they fold away and are extendable for use in restricted areas, keeping the area under the loft free to walk past.

Loft ladders are available in timber or aluminium. Complete with a handle for safety and easy access, the loft ladders are a great alternative to a chunky stair case.

Now you have an insight into what it takes to begin the planning process to installation of a loft conversion. Remember to make the most of the space you have and try to include as much light as you can to keep the loft comfortable and inviting.