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Make use of the space in your garden

Press release April 5, 2012 Homes & Gardens

Bring the inside outdoors.

With an unstable housing market and tight household budgets, expanding your home can be difficult. Extending you home can be very costly and take months even years to complete, converting your garden into another room can bring the inside to the outdoors.

Creating a seating area or focal point in your garden adds the feel of another room. Try making the garden space enclosed with trellis and use plants to create an intimate and inviting space. You can create a simple seating area out of timber; try getting it to match the decking for a consistent theme. Remember to take good care of your timber, fence and decking as this will make them last longer and give them a quality finish.

Garden Lighting can generate a welcoming ambiance in your garden area. Incorporating solar lighting sets the perfect mood and enables you enjoy the outdoor space any time of the day. Adding an eye catching centre piece to your garden table will give it that stylish, modern touch; using a Cole & Bright Solar Filigree Table Light is the perfect way to achieve this result. Create a glamorous effect to your decking with Cole & Bright Stainless Steel Solar Deck Lights, you will be surprised with the difference these solar powered lights can make and you don’t have to worry about the electricity bills.

You may relate greenhouses with growing tomatoes; however, having a greenhouse is not only practical for storage and growing seasonal produce, but they also look great in your garden. Use the Greenhouse to grow your own produce, then sit back and relax in in your own little haven and wait for the plants to grow. Greenhouses can also save you money in the long run; grow a variety of different produce to use in the kitchen, giving you great self-satisfaction and beautiful fresh herbs and fruit.

Attract all different types of wildlife to your garden with a variety of different Bird and Wildlife care products. From Baths and Tables to Nests and Roost boxes, these items provide hours of viewing pleasure for yourself and also help conserve the wildlife.  

Water within your garden can create the ultimate tranquil atmosphere, so investing in a pond or water feature will ensure you can un-wind in the peaceful surroundings. On installing the pond, it is vital that you have the right size pump to ensure the pond requires minimal cleaning effort from yourself. Having the right size pump and filter will keep your pond looking as good as new and ensure plants and fish thrive. You can also create different effects with different pumps, a Hozelock 3303 Cascade Waterfall & Fountain Pump is ideal for decorative ponds and is suitable for operating everything from small water features to large combined fountain and waterfall displays.       

There are many ways in which to improve your garden, small or large the finished result could be phenomenal. Remember, to create another room try including seating areas, lighting and water features for that extra exclusive touch of tranquillity that you don’t always get from a room inside your home.


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