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LTS Media Ltd. Offers Streaming Technology

Press release April 9, 2008 Multimedia

LTS Media Ltd., the London based Online Consultancy Company, is operating a fully operational Content Delivery Network for streaming Media since February 2008. The new streaming service is a valuable edition to LTS Medias online services, expanding their expertise in the world of digital media distribution and online communication strategies.

LTS Media’s Streaming Solutions also offer Pay-Per-Minute, Pay-Per-View and subscription, allowing their clients great flexibility with regards to revenue streams as well as giving customers alternative ways of accessing and paying for DRM protected content. In addition, the system comes with a robust Content Management platform that has a full e-commerce system, also suitable for cross selling of other products. This system is purpose built and not an adaptation of a “freebie” system.

In addition, the new streaming technology supports the new way people want to enjoy their chosen media. “Watch what you want when you want” is the key phrase and the trend is unstoppable.

The constant rise in computer networking combined with affordable broadband has contributed in providing easy access to streaming media to every household, be it film or music. While downloading a video used to take hours, the streaming solution delivers large data streaming real time, enabling the end consumer to enjoy watching movies online in high quality as well as downloading music files to the computer in a matter of seconds.

“2 years ago, streaming was still left to a few specialists but in 2007 it became obvious that this new technology will become more and more part of the media world as well as mainstream websites, be it in form of distribution, advertising or presentation”, Managing Director Ben Recknagel asserts, while announcing the move towards offering Streaming. “With online consultancy still being our core business, we are very excited that our clientele can now also benefit from the full services for streaming media”.

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