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Low VOC Wood Lacquer, KTM-9 is available in the UK from Tonetech Ltd.

Press release October 15, 2009 Lifestyle

Tonetech Ltd has been appointed the Sole Distributor in the UK for Grafted Coatings revolutionary waterborne wood lacquer KTM-9.

Grafted Coatings Inc USA has developed a waterborne wood lacquer, KTM-9 to replace the traditional solvent based lacquers and 2 pack polyurethanes for wood treatment. In October Tonetech Ltd took delivery of the first shipment of KTM-9 stock for the UK.

KTM-9 has very low VOCs and produces a high gloss, durable finish on wood, fibreglass and steel products.  It is used for musical instrument finishing, wood flooring and door finishing.  Instrument finishers in the USA have found KTM-9 to be an effective alternative to the traditional solvent based lacquers.

The ease of application and low hazard rating make this lacquer suitable for professional wood finishers and amateur woodworkers alike.  The product can be applied by spraying or by brush and its high flow formulation minimises the need to sand flat after drying.

Tonetech Ltd specialises in products for stringed instrument makers, supplying tonewoods, paints and lacquers, tools and accessories for both professional and amateur instrument makers.